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Hi Jess,
Love your site!
Give us more.... love you!


website's soooooooo cool!!!
why didn't u tell me about it? lol


hey jess... wow you are sooo cool. you rock!!
i'm finally commenting...happy now? yah see you laterrr.

Greggie W. aka Santa Claus

JESS!!! I REMEMBER WHEN U WERE YEA HIGH! *makes short motions* UR SO GROWN UP AWWWW! I PROMISED I WOULDNT CRY!! *sniff* lol :) anywho Brian keeps tellin me how good u guys r so keep it up and im gonna make it too see you guys soon! PEACE little lady


hey love the site keep it up


heyyy jess remember me from that concert?that was sooo much fun anyways this site is awesome and ur band is soooo cool keep it up!


Mrs. Johnson

Hey Jess,
You are an amazing writer, and I'm sure a talented musician. I hope I have an opportunity to hear you guys play!
Mrs. J

Bridger Trap

Hey Jess you asked me to comment in math class! Great show last saturday at the b.o.b. I love Ramones

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