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hey u guys, i like it that u put mp3s up of ur music, but i listened to the song and it was i dont know how to say it it was like quakey or something, shakey? well i just wanted to let u guys know, maybe u can fix it or something, cauase u cant really hear or understand the song. well luv u guys! keep on rockin!


I agree with Tessa. It would be awesome if you could fix it.

Undecided Youth

The mp3 should be fixed now! If you downloaded it earlier today, retry!


Cool Cam! Youyr Band rocks


Thanks for fixing it u guys, it sounds awesome. U should put up an mp3 of the song "nothing" cause that would be awesome, but for now i love "she's no cinderella" i love the lyrics jess, they really remind me of ur personality, lo9l, great guitar riffs and drumming, luv the song in general.luv u guys so much keep rockin!


i agree! we should, Tessa


Nice song. Sounds good. and is this code CSS or HTML? And what font do you use, it's pretty.

Jimmy Bob Johansenson

This is not as good as it could be. It should be acoustic, the solo should be the intro, and a real solo instead. 'Kay bye.

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